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Hometown Stores

Prospective owners who wish to open a new store must have a minimum of $20,000 cash and a positive net worth of at least $100,000.

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Buying an Existing Store

Established Sears Hometown Stores are available for purchase through existing owners. Negotiations and agreements to purchase an existing store are solely between the owner and prospective buyer. However, Sears Hometown Stores must first grant candidate approval, based on your qualifications to own and operate a Sears Hometown Store. Qualifications will be determined during the recruitment evaluation process. If you are interested in an existing store opportunity for Hometown Stores, please click here to request more information.

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Existing store

What Owners Say

"It is really nice to be a part of a brand that everyone knows and trust. Customers treat you as if you have been doing this a long time. You don't have to work as hard for customer trust. It's already there the moment they walk in the door."

Photo of Steve Allen, HTS owner in Bethany, OK